Our boilies are available as stabilised or freezer baits. We have used top quality ingredients and attractors and time tested recipe's. All our baits contain liquid foods, sweetener and amino acids. 
Our flagship Boilie and a pure fishmeal, with high levels of krill meal, sardine and anchovy meals and LT fishmeal. Robin red gives this bait a spicy edge and deep red colour. Known to dominate waters where it's used a real HNV bait to concentrate your campaign on with full confidence. 
Rolled on our yellow bird food base mix this sweet and fruity bait uses an old school mulberry flavour with our added attractor package. With CLO meal and original sluis birdfood the carp can digest this bait with ease. Great all year round. 
Our Nut blend mix.  Roasted nut meal from 5 different varieties, bird foods and vanilla meal. If nut baits work well on your venue then this bait could be for you. Smells amazing and very sweet and nutritious. Liquid food and brococell yeast powder 


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