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Our boilie range utilise HNV (high nutritional value) base mixes and soluble ingredients for maximum attraction. Pure fish and krill mix for the squido with robin red and liquid foods. Alpha a fruit birdfoood and milk blend, and the NuTor is our Nut and vanilla mix. All mixes are suitable for year round use.


Our Pop-Ups and Wafter mixes are blended in house to give you the highest quality possible. Made from milk protein bases they provide high nutritional value and soluble ingredients. The pop ups stay popped up for as long as you need and the wafters are painstakingly balanced to give you the best chance of a pick up.


Our liquid food range consist of oils, hydroslates and extracts. Providing natural attraction for all situations.


Our bait smoke liquids are considerably cheaper than the Industry leading equivalent and provide a far stronger effect. These really need to be seen to be believed. Available in white, blue, green & red.


Utilising night glow technology these three dimensional baits provide an amazing edge focusing on the Carp's inquisitive nature these hookbaits will glow for up to 8 hours on a single charge from a light source. They still contain the classic Tor attractor package as well as the addition of glow in the dark for overnight fishing.


Using liquid foods and hydroslates, with the highest quality food standard powders, these provide attraction levels that are off the chart. Designed to coat hookbaits in a highly soluble layer of attraction which can be built up to form Many layers. Making an "out the bag" boilie into an almost unfair advantage.


Carp are generally reared using a Pellet diet so become almost a natural food source. We have selected the finest Pellets available in various sizes Stick mix This blend of fishmeals, milk proteins, grains and crustation meals. They are designed for maximum attraction and minimum food stuff's to maximise your chance of a pick up.


Our bucket deals work out as great value, suit all budgets and Come in a handy bait bucket to take on the bank with you. Available in various sizes.


Our special offers section is where you can some find some really great deals! The same high quality products, offered at bargain prices to suit all budgets.