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Space Dust πŸš€πŸš€

Space Dust πŸš€πŸš€

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Introducing Space Dust Bait Coating Systems, the ultimate powdered flavor profiles for your fishing needs. Designed to take your bait to interstellar levels of attraction, our Space Dust is a game-changer.

Each tub contains 50 grams of this magical concoction. Simply sprinkle Space Dust over your baits, and watch as they transform into irresistible morsels that fish can't resist. The powdered form allows for easy application, ensuring an even coating that maximizes the release of enticing scents and flavors into the water.

What sets Space Dust apart is the added amino blend, featuring powerful ingredients like Betaine and Lysine. These amino acids work in harmony to enhance the natural feeding instincts of fish, creating a feeding response that keeps them coming back for more. Prepare for explosive bites and increased action on your fishing sessions.

Please note that the pictured coated baits are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the Space Dust tubs. However, you can use Space Dust to create your own irresistible coated baits, giving you complete control over the flavor and attractiveness of your fishing arsenal.

Upgrade your bait game with Space Dust Bait Coating Systems. Unleash the power of powdered flavor profiles and amino blends to attract the fish of your dreams. Get your hands on a tub today and experience the stellar results for yourself. Prepare for fishing adventures that are out of this world!

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Customer Reviews

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Malcolm Lemon

Still waiting for the space dust


Amazing stuff for coating hookbaits and boilies have caught some lumps using this 🎣

Ross Palfreyman

Very happy with the service and quality of the products 10/10


An amazing product.