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Tony,s Boss selecton Bucket

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Over 10 years of making Carp Baits with Tor,  you begin to notice a pattern of which products just keep on catching over and over again, at  a wide variety of venues in all kinds of conditions. I've taken this inside  knowledge of the range and put together a bucket of products,  kind of like a war chest of bankers for you to use.  There are 13 tubs of hookbaits from my selection, including pop up, wafters,  pop up corn and liquids.

Jaffa pop ups 

Cherry Bomb wafters 

Tuna wafters 

sweetcorn wafters 

jaffa wafters

squido wafters 

tutti slimeball pop ups 

crab slimeball wafters

sherbert slimeball wafters 

snail slimeball pop ups 

slimeball corn lobstor 

2 x slimes

1 liquid food Tuna 

The RRP on this deal is over £120 excluding the bucket cost which is around £4 to us. 

 We are doing this unbelievable deal for £80 all in.