About Us!

At TorBaits we are a family run business, in the heart of Glastonbury that created our first bait ''Squido'' back in 2012. Since then we have grown from strength to strength providing quality baits for customers across the UK and abroad! We realise that effective carp baits should never need to cost the earth without losing any of the quality, so we supply the highest quality baits available to us at affordable prices for you!

End Tackle

End Tackle

Tor Baits will begin to roll out a wide selection of end... 


Not Just A Fishing Shop!

We are very lucky here at TorBaits to have acquired an awesome team with a lifetime of angling experience and skill! There's ALWAYS a team member on hand to provide top notch advice and expertise!

  • Tony

    I'm the owner and founder of Tor Baits. I've been carp fishing for over 30 years. My UK PB is 38lb plus and European PB 59lb. Love to help angler's of all abilities with fishing tips and edge's. Feel free to contact me for free advice as I'll help where I can with friendly humble tips and tricks :)

  • Wayne

    30 years experience in all aspect of fishing, carp, fly sea and game. happy to help out wherever I can. can guide you in pretty much any aspect not just carp.

  • The Tor Family

    This is the amazing community we have built up over the past decade! Our social media pages are stacked with all levels of anglers and we seem to pop up everywhere with representatives of the TorBaits brand all across the country! And we're still recruiting!

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