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  • About us!

    Introducing Tony - Passionate Angler and Founder of Tor Baits!

    Hey everyone, meet Tony, the owner and founder of Tor Baits! With over 30 years of carp fishing experience under his belt, Tony is a true expert in the field. His dedication and love for angling have led him to achieve impressive personal bests, including a UK PB of 38lb plus and a European PB of 59lb.

    But Tony's passion extends beyond his own achievements. He takes great joy in helping anglers of all abilities improve their skills and knowledge. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Tony is always ready to lend a helping hand with friendly and humble fishing tips and tricks. Don't hesitate to reach out to him for free advice - he genuinely enjoys sharing his expertise with fellow anglers.

    Located in the heart of Glastonbury, Tor Baits is a family-run business that has been thriving since its inception in 2012. It all started with their first bait creation, "Squido," and since then, they've gone from strength to strength. Today, Tor Baits proudly supplies quality baits to customers not only across the UK but also abroad.

    One of the core principles that Tor Baits holds dear is that effective carp baits should never break the bank. Tony and his team understand that affordability shouldn't come at the cost of quality. That's why they source and provide the highest quality baits available at prices that won't empty your wallet.

    If you're looking for top-notch baits and expert guidance to enhance your carp fishing experience, Tor Baits is the place to go. Tony's dedication to delivering quality products and his genuine desire to support fellow anglers make Tor Baits a standout in the fishing community.

    Stay tuned to Tony's blog on the Tor Baits website for insightful articles, updates, and valuable tips from an experienced angler. Follow Tor Baits on their journey as they continue to provide exceptional baits and contribute to the joy of carp fishing.

    Remember, Tony is just a message away, ready to assist you with his wealth of knowledge. Connect with him today and discover how his friendly and humble approach can take your angling skills to the next level. Tight lines and happy fishing!