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Contains 10pcs
Swivels are essential in letting the end tackle move freely and preventing any tangles from occurring.
Rolling Barrel Swivels are an essential bit of kit, and our swivels are genuine UK size 8 and fit all standard sized Lead Clips on the market.
Made in a black non reflective coating. 
Quick Change Swivels are designed to allow fishermen to change their rigs quickly and easily without the hassle of having re-tie them every time.
This means your rods can be in the water for longer, resulting in more fish on the bank.
Flexi Ring Swivels are a vital component for many modern-day carp rigs.
They have many uses but can be used when making Chod Rigs, Zig Rigs and Helicopter Rigs.
The Flexi Ring allows for greater natural movement of your end tackle and chosen hook bait.